The mission of the Technology Innovation Hub on Cognitive Computing and Social Sensing (iHub Anubhuti) is to provide a thriving ecosystem for research & educational institutes and industries to collaborate and develop technological solutions which will address short-term and long-term societal crises. Its twin aims are:

  • To provide world-class technological support on cognitive computing and social sensing to enable world-class research and development with the additional emphasis on translating research into commercialization and enhancing entrepreneurship, innovation and startup culture.
  • To train human resources and develop skills on cognitive computing and social sensing by supporting undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, early career research grant, chair professors, and conducting continuing education program, workshops and seminars, programs for upgrading industry skills and synchronizing industry-academic skill sets.


  • Building a one-stop cognitive computing platform to support diverse applications, leading India to a unique position by empowering country-wide cognitive computing skills and technologies.
  • Developing National Cognitive Computing Databank (NCDD) to handle the wide heterogeneity of data emerging from the growth of cyber-physical systems into different domains of life.
  • Designing nation-wide cognitive computing policies for data and technology acquisition, curation and sharing by adhering to the ethics and integrity of different stakeholders.